Pensacola’s Infamous Murders


My name is Jimmie Lee Staley. I am a blogger who grew up in Pensacola, Florida. I currently spend all my time working on way to help people without voices, people victimized by corruption. That includes speaking for people wrongfully convicted, people targeted by corrupt officials and many other scenarios. The breadth of people I advocate for are in my hometown of Pensacola. This murder case changed my understanding of myself and caused me to completely redirect my life.

I am sure, we all can remember a time when we were in trouble and no one would help, except for that one person, who came to the rescue. That one person who helped us out of our predicament became someone special to us. My person was always my dad. No matter what I screwed up or how much trouble I got into, he extended his big hand to
help me out of whatever it was. He will always be my hero. I was honored to be his namesake. He always did the right thing even if he stood alone.

It was because of my dad, Jim Barnett, that I chose to help Patrick Gonzalez, the wrongfully convicted “mastermind” in the Billings Murder case. I wanted to be worthy of the name I was given. I watched this case from the very beginning. Every document released, every press conference, interview, every transcription. After all that, I found no evidence was there to prove Patrick ever had a role in this crime. After a great deal of contemplation, I had no choice but to help this man, prove his innocence or, at the very least, get a fair retrial. There was NO legitimate trial, but there was a media storm. There was a Sheriff who wanted to be a media star. Everyone who watched this case play out remembers seeing Sheriff Morgan’s press conference in which he hugged the crying daughter of the victims and said “we got ’em”. He basked in the limelight. This was just one of the actions by our Honorable Sheriff that undermined the rights of those imprisoned as well as a complete disintegration of Patrick’s sixth amendment right to a fair and impartial jury. According to Media Expert, Edward Bronson, this trial was the 27th most publicized trial in the history of the US, as of 2016. Yet despite that, the change of venue was denied by the judge.

Then we have Morgan talking to potential jurors in the parking lot, including the grand jurors who indicted Patrick. Three federal court judges admonished him after that fact. In addition, I discovered a plethora of investigative errors, and exculpatory facts never mentioned by any defendant in any document, such as the gunshot residue found
on the victims’ son, Justin. Another error was that the son-in-law of the victims brought paperwork to the police showing that the red van on the surveillance video, used by the home invaders, was sold to Henry “Cab” Tice a few weeks before. He is positively sure this is the vehicle used, yet no documents referenced to or by the investigators in transcriptions is ever logged into evidence or followed up upon. Also, there were people on the property at the time of the murders who the Sheriff talked to but are never mentioned in any documentation, save for the Dateline broadcast, where they are answering questions. Why did no one ever disclose the DNA under the victim’s nails were not Patrick’s? It is clear in the surveillance video the victim and his murderer had struggled This fact is also corroborated by the child in the room. That DNA was never identified and didn’t match the victim, his wife or any of the men sitting in prison. So, who was he? How was Patrick convicted when the shooter’s DNA excludes him as the contributor?

And then, there are the jurors. Isn’t it possible that someone who shouldn’t have been on the jury, lied or obfuscated their family, their life experience, or their bias to be on this PARTICULAR jury?? The jury pool was exposed to, or were a part of, the fervor of the media. With all the fanfare of being an integral moment in history, who would not want to be involved somehow?

With all this data, this story will be highly publicized and rightfully so. There will be people who will be remembered for extending their hand to a man in need, during this significant time. Will you help me do the right thing and walk into the correct side of history?

Let’s conjure some justice together.

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